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Scientific Specialties Service's
environmental sampling containers are known throughout the industry for their quality and reliability. From drinking water, to hazardous waste samples, SciSpec carries a complete line of products designed to meet your sampling requirements. Also, ask us about our complete line of chemically preserved and EPA method 5035 products, processed for immediate release from our in-house lab.

EPA / VOA Vials
Scintillation Vials
Autosampler Vials
Standard Glass Vials
Boston Rounds (Clear and Amber)
Clear Straight-Sided Jars
Septum Bottles and Wide Mouth
Septum Jars

Amber Straight-Sided Jars
Standard Wide-Mouth and
French Squares
Straight-Sided Tall
Safety Coated Glass Containers
Rotary Agitator Bottles
Nalgene Containers
HDPE Plastic Containers
Straight-Sided Poly Jars
Coliform Bottles
PTFE Tubing and Tapes
PTFE Lining Material
SciSpec Label Shop
Custom Closures