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Scientific Specialties Services was founded in 1963 on the principle of providing quality products to research and industry. As a pioneer in the use of PTFE in containment products, we have been able to share our knowledge and offer many innovative products designed for the laboratory market. In addition to our technical expertise, Scientific Specialties has become known for prompt service and competitive prices. We are able to ship 98% of our orders within 24 hours at no additional cost to our customers. The strategic locations of our distribution centers allow us to reach the majority of our customers by the next day.

Upon entering the precleaned sample container market in the mid 1980's, Scientific Specialties immediately became an industry leader by recognizing the need for standardization and more accurate reporting with regards to the cleaning operation. As a result, we were the first company to develop a fully automated cleaning system to ensure a consistent reliable product. Additionally, we implemented a computerized QC system to provide better traceability and reporting to our customers. This commitment to quality is carried throughout all of our manufacturing operations.

With our new catalog, we are pleased to introduce several additions to our quality line of products. Among these new products are our SuperClean Vials and SuperClean Autosampler Vials and Seals, Sci/Spec Aqua Advantage PTFE Lined Caps, Premier Lab Quality Plastic Bottles, Coliform Bottles, Straight Side Plastic Jars, French Square Glass Bottles, Perforated PTFE Tape, and our expanded line of Glass Vials. Since our inception in 1963, we have devoted our energy toward finding effective solutions to laboratory problems. Through our resources and manufacturing capabilities, we have the ability to handle the unusual needs which often arise. Scientific Specialties welcomes the challenges of the future, and looks forward to using our technical and manufacturing expertise toward developing products to better serve the laboratory needs in the years to come.